A Farmer's Hope


The Photographs

Alpena, Michigan

Alpena, Michigan


The Story

Capturing the mood of the night in long exposure photography is a subtle art. When I was in this field, I was a speck on the earth, standing in near blackness, with the camera and tripod the only things anchoring me against the vastness of the starry sky. The farmstead in the distance let off the only other glow, a barnyard light,  a touch of human comfort to fend off the night. Most starscape photographs you’ll see, with the milky way lit up and full of color, don't quite capture the right feeling to me. I hope these photographs however, hint at the eerie fragility of our place in this world, and the simple beacon of hope we hold on to. There is beauty in this delicate dance we weave with mother nature. May we weave it with grace.

The Art

Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Print  currently only available locally.

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