Cedar River Starscape


The Photograph

Bellaire, Michigan

Bellaire, Michigan


The Story

During a recent cross country ski jaunt with my mother, we passed by this barn along the Cedar River. With the freshly dusted snowy banks, river bending just as it laps along the barns edge, I knew it would be an extra magical starry night photograph. The first attempt ended in clouds moving in just as I got set up, and me standing there cold and disappointed. My attempt last night however, was a real joy. The sky and I were locked in a dance to the rhythm of my shutter clicking in 15 second intervals. The adrenaline of the moment fending off the bitter cold of my un-gloved hands operating the camera. When the cold did set in, it was the river water flowing over top of my boots that brought me back to reality. I left the site running, tripod over my shoulder, freezing water sloshing in my boots, headlamp bobbing, and a feverish grin on my face.

James ManningComment