Sandpit Stargazing


The Photograph

Bellaire, Michigan


The Story

Most of the time the story is in the frame of the photograph, other times the best story happens off frame. For this photo, it's the latter. After a lovely evening at Mammoth Distillery with my ever-obliging wife Beth Ann, we proceeded to make our way home the back way and scout for night photo spots. We found this old sand pit that gave an intriguing cross section of the land, forest, and sky. After a half hour of photographing, with Beth hanging in the car waiting patiently, I was finally satisfied I had gotten a worthy shot. It was about midnight when we set out for home, and wouldn't you know it, the car was stuck in the snow. After some seemly clever yet ineffective maneuvering attempts, we determined we were in fact not going anywhere. Thanks to our great friend and his pick-up truck, our evening was saved!

James ManningComment