Cedar River Reflections


The Photograph

Bellaire, Michigan


The Story

Last night, while returning home after a late evening out at our local brewery, I glanced at the stars. I may have been tired and ready for bed, but their persistent magnetism worked it's way into my intentions. Once I arrived home, I had no choice but to chase the stars. I found myself on a seasonal road. Spring made it passable only recently, allowing me to access with my car, a point on the Cedar River that only snow shoes could have a month before. When I arrived at the river, I had to choose what moment to distill from the world; what to capture in the two dimensions of   a photograph. In the pitch black of night, it's like searching for a kindred spirit in our chaotic world. This photograph is the moment I found. In Northern Michigan, on a clear night, the stars are kindred spirits for us.

The Art

Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Print