Nightfall at Applesauce Inn


The Photograph

Bellaire, Michigan


The Story

As the exposing glare of daylight is replaced by nights protective veil, a transformation happens. The mischievous critters of the night begin to make their rounds. The trills of song birds are replaced by the hoots of owls. Coyotes howl and holler in the distance, and the swoosh of bats can be heard as they crisscross through the air. This is the world on the other-side of the clock. A world where puffy white clouds amid a blue sky, are supplanted by the milky way with its obsidian black nebula and river of stardust.

The key to unlocking these ancient marvels in the world on the other side of the clock is — rather appropriately — a matter of timing. At 3:30am yesterday morning, with the quarter moon having just risen in the east, and the galactic center appearing over the southern horizon, I finally managed to document a photograph of The Applesauce Inn that    I could truly be proud of.

The Art

Limited Edition Print — currently only available locally.

Limited Edition Print — currently only available locally.

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