Cedar River Country


The Photograph

Bellaire, Michigan


The Story

At the threshold between rivers and the fields and forests that they carve through, lies a marvel of design. As with any good design, form and function are set in a balance, and the design seems so fitting as to not have been designed at all. This is the case with the wetland. A poet would speak of it's beauty, the bounty of her enchanting flowers and graceful reeds, of her sanctuary for both winged and web footed critters alike, and — as with this wetland — for the steadfast cedars that champion the wet soils into a cathedral of gnarled pillars and dappled warm light. The engineer however, would speak of the wetlands efficiency of form. Its tenacity towards stabilizing areas prone to flooding, with redundancy protocols for adapting to changing conditions. For its numerous storm-water filtration systems that render our dirty runoff into water that is clean and clear. And most of all, for its tireless 24/7 operation at no cost at all. All our wetlands ask, is that we let them do their work, and they will continue being a marvel of design forever more.

The Art

Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Print

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